About random feelings...

# Who's gonna catch me when I fall?

# Sick of crying, tired of trying. Yeah, I'm smiling but inside I'm dying.

# It hurts so much to love you the way I do, and then look at you and realize how much you don't care.

# I love the rain.

# Doesn't hurt to dream, it hurts more to wake up.

# Sometimes people run away just to see if anyone cares enough to follow.

# Cracks in the concrete are just reminders that you fall apart no matter how strong you are.

# He loves me not.

# Wish I was as invisible as you make me feel.

# The hardest part about walking away from you is knowing you won't run after me.

# Cut here―my heart.

# I'm gonna smile like nothing's wrong, talk like everything's perfect, act like it's just a dream, pretend he isn't hurting me.

# Turn the radio on up so loud that no one hears you screaming.

# It's funny how someone can break your heart and you still love them with all the little pieces.

# To the world you just one person, but to one person you could mean the world.

# Sometimes people put up walls not to keep others out, but to see who cares enough to tear them down.

# What's better? A lie that draws? A smile or the truth that draws a tear?

# Could you ease the pain? If I'm battered and stained.

# Welcome to a world where being yourself just isn't good enough.

# It feels like tomorrow I may not get by.

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