April 28, 2011

i'd be yours, you'd be mine..
 *** i’m not really sure of the words to say
if only you knew that i feel this way
i wanna give my heart to you,
show me the way that you want me too...

i know for sure there’s a place for us
i’m counting the days till i feel your touch
you come to me when i dream at night
when i’m with you, it will be so right...

if you could see the love in my eyes,
you should know that i’m on your side
i’d be yours, you’d be mine
ohh....what will i i do? ***

*song by : Cagnet 


  1. sopo seng gelem menyanyikan lagu ini untukku sambil main gitar melalui tangan-tangan gemulainya??

    so to be a patienly person in waiting hehehe
    ayo ngepit ke pujokusuman mb, sapa tahu kita nemu mereka disana hahaha *komentar gadis yg galau*

  2. hehehe...apik tho lagune? besok minta lelaki senja buat nyanyiin lagi ini sambil main gitar ;)

    hayuuks...kapan ka? *semangat* :D


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